About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission is our vision in the Great Commission. Reaching the unreached with the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and the message of the cross, His death and resurrection; also uniting the body of Christ for greater harvest.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to Raise Christian soldiers for the Christianity's tomorrow. Tomorrow is the today you talked about yesterday (2 Timothy 2::1 - 4). We engage in Seminar, Discipleship, for the equipment of the church.

Our Mandate

Our Mandate is to help the needy, fatherless, orphans and widows (Hos. 6:6; Micah 6:8; Mark 12:13; James 1:27) and total service to humanity such as hospital visitation, prison ministry and many more as the Lord leads and direct us.

Our Passion

Our Passion is the same passion of Christ; to see all men saved; to unite the body of Christ until all come to the unity of faith, full stature of the knowledge of God not being children been tossed about by the wind of doctrines. (Eph. 4:10 - 13)